The EasyRiders Drill Team 
of Southwest Missouri is part of our bright future. The young riders use the horse as a teaching tool for lessons in leadership, teamwork, decision making, relationships, strategic planning and other life skills. 

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Facebook   417 350 2721
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Easy Riders Equestrian
Founder and Coach: 

Elizabeth Guillebeau


Dawn Tooth Tommy Fahey & Josh Belles

Current Riding Team:

Addie Cobb & Jasmine

Brooke Barnes & PI

Evan Burdette & TomKat

Ellen Moore & Spook

Jessica Neidigh & Cody

Morgan Allen Tina & Glory

Megan Anderson & Little Bit

Rylee Smith & Dixie

Reagan Wiles & Fella and Joli

Graduated Riders:

Sable Beck, Carrie Cheathum, Heather Johnson, Kendall Powell, Sarah Rohlman, Sarah Smallwood, Morgan Shook, Kristen Tuter and Natalie Walker, Carrie Collier, Rebecca Fuller,Jennifer Garver, Kris Hoaglin, Sara Rohlman, Laren Sanders,  Emily Adler, Kristen Webie, Audrey Burt, Amy Edge, Shelby Chittum, Kari Scott, Katy Tenison, Ella Tooth, Chelsea Williams, Becca Wood, Jordi Yoder

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